Conflict Resolution & Growth

Brian’s expertise in conflict, risk and resilience was called upon to facilitate a meeting between a range of military stakeholders, who needed to improve the integration and co-ordination of support for those leaving the military on a medical discharge.

With a shared commitment to the outcome, but significant and severe disagreements about the most effective way of achieving it, there was a real need to build a rapport and new, productive working relationship. Brian ran two workshops with the key stakeholders, using two different dialogue frames to assist them in understanding their range of needs and requirements.

Although the first meeting was very hostile and uncompromising, all participants stayed, engaged and listened to each other. At the follow up workshop a few weeks later, they were able to agree and progress a much more radical partnership based on the trust and understanding that had developed in the first workshop.

Helping the stakeholders to reimagine how they could meet their goal to promote resilience and growth, Brian enabled them to reach a resolution with his approach that later attracted significant additional funding.