A Visual Thinker with Gravitas

Brian Lawson is a world-class specialist and thought leader in system design, strategic leadership, complex change, risk and conflict. Offering support to those he works with, Brian sustains individual and organisational resilience.

Offering a unique approach to system design projects, Brian’s unrivalled facilitation skills and sustainable transformational change processes are reinventing the way individuals, teams, large groups and whole systems interact across the globe.

Brian synthesises work from a large range of disciplines and approaches, applying the appropriate knowledge and skill to your particular circumstances. Working in an agile and focused manner, Brian ensures your needs are met and enhances the capability and capacity of your people. 

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Brian works with a select group of associates that help him to deliver his groundbreaking projects. Combining the leading skills of the industry, LawsOn Thinking creates change and supports development for organisations of all shapes and sizes. 

Dr. Amanda Hatton

Amanda is our safeguarding lead and is responsible for delivering basic, advanced and governor safeguarding training to schools and academies across Sheffield.

Edmund Cross

Edmund works with us on developing our skills and knowledge programmes and provides regular and much appreciated peer support. Edmund has been facilitating individual, team and organizational development with a wide range of public sector organizations for the past 16 years. He has gained a reputation for his expertise and his creative and businesslike approaches that enable teams and groups to explore and address issues facing them in a constantly changing environment. For more information about Edmund’s work see his website at www.edmundcross.co.uk.