Design Your Own Programme

Having worked with over 100 organisations in eight years, Brian is well used to co-creating and designing individual approaches relevant to the needs of different people in organisations of all types and sizes.

Brian’s commissions are mostly designed on a bespoke basis to meet the organisations needs in their unique context, history, set of relationships and opportunities. To support the design of your own programme, Brian’s services reflect his range of skills and the breadth of his ability to engage with your people.

The following areas can be combined and tailored to meet your individual needs. If you’d like to discuss your requirements, please contact Brian to see how he could benefit you

Whole System Events

These are large interactive and participatory events that run over one or two days, to bring representatives of a whole system together to explore, resolve and re-invent ways of working more effectively together. This includes large events with up to 500 people, or more focused smaller events with critical parts of a system.

Intensive Strategic Workshops

More focused on leadership groups, these bring leaders and managers together to work in a focused and intense way to resolve current strategic issues over the period of half a day. Boot camps and growth labs are particular examples of this kind of work.

Team Building and Service Development Events

This could be a single day or a series of days, to bring new teams and services together or to reset established teams of services with new goals and challenges. Brian also helps teams or services recover from significant events of critical incidents.

High Performance and Evidencing Outcomes

Brian offers a number of programmes to support teams in understanding, identifying and developing a high performance and evidence-based ethos.

Leadership and Management Programmes

Offering a modular, flexible range of programmed work with senior, middle and first line managers, Brian has a huge amount of experience in managing people at all levels.

Managing Complex Projects and Transitions

A modular and flexible range of support is provided to groups managing complex projects with a focus on the soft skills issues.

Commissioned Reports, Reviews and Evaluations

Brian is commissioned by the Government to independently chair and author reviews in relation to domestic homicides and serious case reviews. Able to provide a range of capacity to ensure the completion of documents for tight deadlines, Brian offers strategic plans, commissioning reports, independent reviews and evaluations of services.

Coaching and Mentoring

Brian provides a unique and flexible face-to-face mentoring service based on his own approach to the work, enabling people with practical head-on thinking.

Significant Incidents and System Failure

A range of services to support organisations and individuals following system failure, including debriefing, is available through Brian’s expertise.