Hothouses: Agile Organisational Development Programme

Delivering an agile approach to organisational design, Brian supported a children’s social care service recently taken out of government intervention. Over 9 months, he enabled them to redesign and implement a new delivery model that ensured a safer, more effective and more efficient system.

Brian was able to mobilise quantitative and qualitative knowledge from inside and outside the system. The new model was rooted in best practice, with the flexibility to continuously improve and be sustained through budget restrictions.

Brian used agile approaches to software design (such as extreme programming and scrum) and organisational development (based on theory ‘U’), then utilised design thinking to assist in the creation of the new system.

Focusing on identifying a new organisational prototype, the care service was able to respond to the challenges it faced and contain the risks to the organisation. Brian’s approach has opened up new opportunities for sustainability and growth, engaging representatives from the whole system.