10th Anniversary Client Testimonial Videos

by Maisie Wragg

It’s sometimes hard to explain and let people know the range of things we do and the kinds of support we can offer our clients. In our tenth anniversary year, we thought it would be a good idea to get some video testimonials from some of our clients to give you a better idea of how we might help you and your organisation. In these links you can hear from:


  • Executive Director of a health company on how we helped his newly formed Executive Board come together in three hours and prepare for some key meetings.


  • How we helped support a rapid change and transition to create functional and integrated teams over three months.


  • How we supported a rapid transformation process over six months which improved outcomes and reduced costs.


  • How we helped him and his business partner implement their vision and strategy to own and run their own top rated restaurant.


  • How we have worked over a number of years to achieve a whole system change in the services she is responsible for.

As you will see, each of the videos showcases a different aspect of our offer and support. The videos cover the:


  • How to respond creatively to high pressure needs in a single session.


  • How to change a programme to respond to emerging needs.


  • How to provide a flexibly structured programme of support to deliver significant organisational change in a rapid and agile way.


  • How to make a success of the opportunities which present themselves.


  • How to take a whole organisational approach to service and system redesign.

A range of facilitation techniques were used within each of these contexts:

  • For the Board: This was a new team, brought together to respond to an investment opportunity to implement a vision and strategy to transform health care in a City. This session involved spontaneous role rehearsal, conversation mapping with a focus on urgent and important areas to create an immediate sprint plan and to sequence strategic actions.

  • For the integrated management and delivery teams: This involved creating a new hybrid organisation between a voluntary and public sector body which brought together 80 staff in new teams with a new management structure. The programme of work involved bringing together practitioners and managers to co-create and jointly develop and deliver the detailed solutions and processes which made the new service work.

  • For the transformed service: This included providing support to enable the creation of a new integrated service over a wide area reducing sites and staff numbers. The work here involved helping staff and managers stay resilient as they went through the transition and working with the leaders and managers of the change team to maximise performance.

  • Implementing a strategic vision: This involved supporting two business partners to buy their own restaurant and make a success of it. This involved helping them to take ownership in six weeks; how to manage the change of identity and conflict between them and how to build a successful, award winning business.

  • System change: This involved a longer term development programme to support leaders and managers to make major changes to their service and system delivery. The organisation employed over 500 staff in a major city. The range of support provided, included coaching, leadership and a management development programme and working with the senior team on how to deliver the changes as well as running staff consultation events.

I hope this gives you a flavour of the work we do and how we have helped organisations over the last ten years. We look forward to having the opportunity of working with you in the next ten!